Could God have created a world where everyone would freely love him?

While we know this reality doesn’t exist, this hypothetical is not illogical or contradictory to God’s self-consistency in terms of breaking “free will”.   If by nature we were God lovers, we would all freely choose him.  

The free will I am talking about is not Libertarian Free will (the kind where decisions are so free they would catch God by surprise), but compatibilistic free will (the kind that doesn’t violate God’s foreknowledge and ordination and yet gives you the agency to choose within the constraints of your own nature); moreover that there is the free agency to choose and there are options to the contrary.  In this hypothetical scenario, nobody would want to reject God.  Just like a bacon lover and brussel sprout hater, given the choice between bacon and brussels sprouts, will always choose the bacon.    This applies today with God’s elect.  

If Romans 1-9 means anything to us, we would realize this truth…  That we are bacon lovers. I kid, I kid!   It says we were God-haters by nature, fallen and enemies of God, and would never come to him.  God literally has to change our very nature before we would turn and love him (freely).  Has, by changing our hearts (nature), God “violated” some form of “free will”… Well yes.   It’s like a parent putting a jacket on a stubborn kid.  The kid may not have asked for the jacket, maybe even tried to push it away, but that jacket went on and when they walk out into the cold, they’ve repented (changed their mind) and realized that the jacket was a good thing.  

We are told to “put on Christ”, well guess what?! That was God. You weren’t there when Christ died for you… Did you ask for it? No.  When you were regenerated (born again), was that something you did? No.  Were you there when God chose you before the foundation of the world? No. Please don’t say God looked down the corridors of time and chose you because he saw you would believe. That would mean that your choice for God preceded God’s eternal foreknowledge (meaning he looked down time and learned something he didn’t know… and worse yet, making his election decision based on your future good works). That just isn’t right. Read Romans 9:10-11

Finally, your faith, was that not a gift and granted its measure by God by grace?  Friends, salvation doesn’t have to be synergistic -some act that you and God have to accomplish together.   If God foreknew us (foreloved us), chose us, paid our sin debt, sent the gospel to us, changed us, take it as all of God’s glory, and run with that!  Do we really need to have contributed to our salvation (or someone else’s), so much that it even causes anger in some people? Even if it’s only tiny free will “uncoerced” decision for God?  What is gained by this?  

*This was in response to Frank Turek in the following video. Frank is a great apologist but is a bit too synergistic in his soteriology.