Common Questions

Commonly Asked Questions


A list of tough questions will be answered in as much detail as possible. Each article is written with expandable details to make it easier for someone to quickly cover the content and then expand if they are interested in digging into the facts. The expandable sections will have green text with and * near it (for those who are color blind).

Many of the questions below are worded, unfiltered, exactly as found on forum posts, anit-christian websites, blogs, Q & A sites and live questions and various other sources.


Links in blue are active and links in black are being worked on.


Beginnings of Man, Earth, Universe and God

1. In the beginning was a God or the Cosmos?

2. I see beneficial change in living things why do you refute evolution?

3. Dating says that this earth is billions of years old, are you blind?

4. Fossils were buried under millions of years worth of sediment, doesn’t this prove that earth was not created in 6 days and not just 6000 years old?

5. You believe we are all a bunch of inbreeds coming from one man and woman?

6. Who made God?


Questions about Christian specific issues

1. Why would a so-called loving, omnipotent and benevolent God require his “son” (Jesus) to be sacrificed?

2. If God knows everything that will happen, why did he create billions of men if he knew they would turn against him and be sent to hell?

3. Why would a perfect being make such flawed creations?

4. Why don’t Jews or Muslims believe Jesus is the Messiah You believe in the same God don’t you?

5. If God has a plan laid out for each and every one of us, then why should our prayers for things do anything?

6. Why couldn’t the omnipotent God remove sin without requiring a sacrifice?

7. Why did God punish all humanity for something that Adam & Eve did before they knew the difference between right and wrong?

8. How can God judge who goes to heaven or hell when Christians are not supposed to judge people?

9. Where in the Gospels does Jesus call himself God?

10. Why does prayer not work even though the bible states it should, if it’s a good goal or request (like prayers to heal a cancer victim)?

11. If free will is necessary for us to truly love God, what happens in heaven?

12. Is it possible to sin in heaven?

13. Where did Satan come from? God must have created him, why would he create something evil?

14. If God gives Christians their faith (John 6), how can he blame people for not believing in him, especially when it’s not their fault they’re born with original sin?

15. Can an omnipotent, omniscient God change his future mind?

16. Does God have free will considering he already knows what the future will be and what he will do in the future?

17. Christians, and even doctors, say that some people are healed are because of prayer and that God did a miracle, soo, why don’t amputees get healed by God?

18. Why are there so many starving people in our world? (why would God be worried about you getting a raise?)

19. Why did God want to have people killed for not following certian laws? Ex 35:2, Lv 20, De 2 etc.

20. Why was God a proponent of slavery in the bible?

21. Why didn’t Jesus leave behind evidence of his Miracle?

22. Why doesn’t Jesus just appear infront of you?

23. Why does Jesus want Christians to eat his body and drink his blood?

24. Why do Christians get divorced at a rate the same or worse the the rest of the world?

25. How can you say there is one God yet three persons? Makes absolutly no sense!

26. How can asking your Jesus in my heart save me?

27. How do you know you are Christian and “saved”?

28. How come the brutal God of destruction of the Old Testament is so different from the loving and forgiving God of the New Testament?

29. How can you live up to all those rules?



1. Why do good people suffer more then bad?

2. How can you believe in a book written by men if you say “its the word of God”?

3. I have heard preachers say that God wants all his Christian “children” to be wealthy. How come God will let Christians be rich when children are starving on the other side of the world?

4. Why is it when I ask a Christian a practical question, they always go straight to the bible. Don’t they know that their answers are biast and I don’t believe the bible?


Morality and Biblical World View

1. I know people who say they are Christian but don’t practice it, why does God allow them to sin and not go to hell?

2. Some Christians believe homosexuality is ok and some say its bad, what is it?

3. Why do some Christians practice so many rituals and some only practice a few?

4. What makes Christianity different then all the other religions out there?

5. Whats the difference between Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormon (Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and Protestants?

6. Isn’t Christianity, Jesus and all that Religious Symbolism is just a repeat of a much older pagan religion of the sun and constellations?

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